Client Focus

At Successful Resource Management we are available to help anyone work towards addressing their financial objectives and prepare for a successful financial future.

Our clients tend to be from the following groups:

  • Corporate Executives
  • Women in Transition
  • Affluent Individuals

Corporate Executives

We work extensively with local corporations and public employee groups providing educational opportunities and advisory services to many employees. We help them manage the assets they have accumulated in their 401(k) plans as well as other assets in self-directed brokerage accounts.

We assist executives with Personal Choice Retirement Accounts (PCRA). Offered by respected custodian Charles Schwab, these self-directed brokerage accounts (SDBA) are designed to integrate seamlessly into your retirement plan and supplement your core fund lineup. PCRAs give you a wealth of investment options and provide more flexibility, increased diversification and a greater role in managing your retirement savings.

Women in Transition

Losing a spouse is difficult on many levels. Women who find themselves unexpectedly single – whether widowed or divorced – are forced to grapple with an overwhelming sense of grief, confusion, and loss of identity.

Beyond dealing with the emotional fallout from losing or divorcing their spouse, women may be faced with a series of financial, legal, and even domestic challenges that can be quite perplexing. Finding a trusted advisor that offers clarity during this difficult period can provide tremendous relief to a woman in transition. We specialize in assisting women through this challenging time – and beyond.

Through strategic alliances with other professionals (attorneys, insurance specialists, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, loan officers), we help with estate planning, insurance needs, real estate transactions, charitable giving, refinancing, and appraisal of businesses or property prior to sale.

Affluent Individuals

Many of America's wealthiest individuals have not taken basic steps to protect their assets, leaving their legacy and the financial security of their families to chance. Could this be you?

Like most high net worth individuals, you’ve likely come to realize that with wealth comes added complications, including:

  • Concerns that children will grow up spoiled
  • Pressure to meet philanthropic obligations
  • Anxiety over appropriate care for older parents
  • Even uncertainty about future financial security
  • All made worse by lack of planning and poor communication

We have found that many affluent individuals are not communicating their plans, even with those closest to them. Have you discussed the transfer of wealth with your family members?

What about Mom and Dad? Are you worried about their health care and estate planning, but avoid talking about it? Planning for the care of older relatives is a top financial goal for families such as yours.

At Successful Resource Management, we understand that having money can bring more problems than it solves. Wealthy families and affluent individuals are finding that money can bring unexpected challenges along with the obvious rewards, and each generation faces a new set of issues and dynamics. Our trained and caring team can help you sort through the realities and create a plan that addresses these important concerns.